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Custom Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
As a professional outside lamps supplier, Our company provides different types of outdoor lighting products, including lighting fixture and brass fixture. For the convenience of our customers, we also offer a variety of led bulbs, accessories and transformers to match the outdoor lighting system. Customers can easily find the appropriate parts in our website.
Different Types of Outdoor Lights

As one of leading outdoor lighting suppliers of led brass lamps in the Chinese industry, we have successfully delivered the custom outdoor lighting fixtures ordered by customers for more than ten consecutive years, and the defective rate has been controlled at one-thousandth. At the same time, we are committed to product research and development, only to producing outdoor light fixtures and outdoor lighting that meet the market. You can get the most comprehensive service from us, from lamp beads to housings to accessories, you can freely consult us.

Lighting Services From Outdoor Lights Pro

As one of the outdoor lamp manufacturers, we provide custom outdoor lighting service, custom outdoor lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting selection and outdoor lighting installation service. Any lighting installation question feel free to contact us for an installation guide by show you the installation file or video. When you look at the outdoor lighting manufacturers list, you can find that we provide the best service, choose the most suitable product for you, and spend the least maintenance cost from product maintenance to product repair. We have prepared sufficient outdoor lights for sale. Get wholesale outdoor lighting price from our company. Any time want to know the types of outdoor lights, just contact us freely.

Why Choose Outdoor Lights Pro
The proper LED lighting are the perfect finishing touch for your beautiful home and garden. Come to us!
Why Choose Outdoor Lights Pro

Outdoor Lights Pro. is the leading brass landscape lighting manufacturer,  With well-equipped testing facilities and an R&D team, we are strong at customized service among wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers.  Currently, we have built our own patent.

As our products are going more and more popular with customers and focusing on customers’ convenience, we developed many different shapes and items which are the most advanced and innovative in the market.

As one of professional outdoor lighting parts suppliers, we are devoting to developing and producing. Now we are growing to a popular manufacturer because of durable lighting fixtures, branded led components and thorough post-sales service.

Better lighting, Better world
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