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Applications of Landscape Lighting Fixtures According to Local Conditions

Applications of Landscape Lighting Fixtures According to Local Conditions

The organic integration of garden landscape and landscape lighting fixtures often reflects the unique connotation of a regional economy, culture, politics, customs and habits. Garden landscape lighting fixtures not only simply refer to garden lighting, but also use the blend of dim night and light changes to form a different landscape artistic. It can reflect the local economic strength and cultural taste, and there are many classifications. According to different landscape functions, the use methods are different.

Ⅰ. Landscape lighting wholesale fixtures in water scenic spot

Water scenic spots generally belong to the core landscape area of the park. Both dynamic and static water features are important objects of landscape lighting. For a large area of static water, outdoor landscape lighting fixtures with soft light can be arranged in a ring along the coast, such as courtyard lights. The soft lights highlight the static beauty, and the reflection of the lights can also be used to map the reflection of the scenery on the shore to the water surface.

If the landscape lighting fixtures are installed at the bottom of the water flow, part of the water body can be covered and exposed, so that the light can be projected on the water body to form a variety of different landscape effects and give a variety of changing colors to the beating water body.

Ⅱ. Landscape lighting wholesale fixtures in plant planting area

The lighting of trees generally uses projection landscape lighting fixtures, which are determined according to the tree shape or tree species. The lamps of tall trees are hidden in the trees and shine on the leaves from bottom to top, making the outline of the tree clearer. For low and dense shrubs, the frontal light can be cast outside to make it appear in a dark background.

Ⅲ. Landscape lighting wholesale fixtures at main landscape nodes

Landscape nodes are generally prominent and obvious. For main scenic spots, two lighting methods can be adopted. One is to place landscape lighting fixtures on the ground or underground, and the other is to set landscape lighting fixtures columns. Create sharp contours through shadows or different chroma brightness. During resettlement in pavilions, corridors, flower racks, characteristic buildings and so on, floodlights shall be used to illuminate the main part of the structure or walls and columns in combination with the morphological characteristics of the landscape points and the surrounding environment, so as to produce light changes from strong to weak from bottom to top, display the multi-directional beauty of the landscape, and select appropriate light colors to emphasize the texture and color of the landscape, focusing on comfort and quiet.

There are also some outdoor landscape lighting fixtures wholesale on the road. Garden road lighting is the main part of the smooth theme melody of the park. Different garden roads have strict requirements in the lighting system. For arterial roads, safety lighting is required, using high-brightness and continuous lighting to clarify the road conditions for vehicles and pedestrians. We are a brass landscape lighting manufacturer in China, supplying various landscape light bulb types. The secondary roads or recreational roads need to create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, with soft light as the mainstay, but at the same time the safety of the road cannot be ignored.

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