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Common Methods for Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Common Methods for Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting has many applications in urban areas. What are some common methods for designing different types of landscape lighting?

Nighttime landscape lighting for buildings

For nighttime lighting of buildings, the most commonly used methods include flood lighting, contour lighting, and internal lighting.

Flood lighting for building facades involves using floodlights to directly illuminate the building facade at certain angles according to the design calculations, reshaping the building's nighttime appearance. This method not only displays the overall appearance of the building, but also effectively showcases the building's shape, three-dimensionality, decorative stone materials, material textures, and even decorative details. Flood lighting does not simply reproduce the daylight appearance of the building, but also uses the means of light, color, and shadow to reshape the building's image into a more dynamic, magnificent nighttime appearance.

Contour lighting involves using line light sources to directly outline the contours of the building. Narrow-beam light can also be used to highlight the edges of the building. Internal lighting utilizes indoor light or landscape lamps installed in specific locations to transmit light from the inside of the building to the outside, creating a delicate and transparent nighttime lighting effect.

Landscape lighting for squares

The shapes and sizes of squares are both varied and diverse, and the installation of landscape lighting must take into account the requirement for functional lighting, fully utilizing the inherent characteristics of the square and tailored to its specific functionality.

When designing square lighting, it is necessary to coordinate the lighting of the surrounding buildings with that of the square itself, to unify the lighting of the square and surrounding roads, and to unify the inherent cultural elements.

Main types of square lighting include fountains, square flooring and landmarks, rows of trees, underground mall or subway entrances and neighboring green spaces and flower beds.

Landscape lighting for bridges

Modern bridges are mostly cable-stayed bridges with modern features, with double-tower cable-stayed bridges and single-tower cable-stayed bridges. The characteristic of cable stay bridges is in the cable. The lighting of the bridge will focus on highlighting this feature, using different landscape lamps and unique artistic techniques to create the image of a grand harp standing on the river or the sea.

To create an overall festive atmosphere, art lamps can be placed at intervals of 4-5 meters along the road on both sides of the bridge, creating a chain of sparkling pearl necklaces.

In the flood lighting of the main tower facade, the entire tower should be illuminated from bottom to top. This is the core of the bridge's landscape design.

In order to fully illuminate the main tower and achieve good perspective, a platform should also be set up below the road surface to illuminate the tower base from top to bottom, creating the lighting effect of a giant standing on the surface of the river water.

Landscape lighting for water views

Water views are an important part of landscape design. Water views take many forms, including expansive lakes with rippling waves, streams, fountains, waterfalls, and concrete pools, among others.

The primary method of landscape lighting for water views is to use the lighting of the scenery, real scenery, trees and railings on the bank to create a reflection on the water surface. The reflection and the actual scenery complement each other, highlighting, reflecting, creating a dynamic visual effect that is filled with beauty and charm.

For fountains and waterfalls, underwater lighting can be utilized. By arranging underwater landscape lamps of the same or different colors in certain patterns facing upwards, a miraculous effect can be produced, which is full of charm.

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