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Design and Application of Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Life

Design and Application of Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Life

In urban lighting projects, landscape lighting fixtures are often used. Landscape lighting fixtures generally play the role of decoration and lighting, and are both ornamental. Lanterns, lanterns, and garden lights in festivals are all landscape lighting fixtures, mainly for lighting functions, and for viewing. Different places need to combine different landscape lighting designs. Landscape lighting fixtures should be coordinated with the scenic spots to be decorated, the history and culture of the landscape, the surrounding environment, and the architectural style, and use different shapes, colors, and brightness to express the landscape and atmosphere. With the advancement of technology and people's continuous innovation, the lanterns used for decoration in festivals can also be combined with sound and light to make dynamic viewing lights, which are interesting and fascinating.

Ⅰ. Design and application of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures

1. Use light color or light intensity to highlight the theme of landscape design and distinguish primary and secondary. There is always a place in the design of outdoor landscape lighting that the designer or owner wants to express or highlight, and use different light colors to attract people's attention.

2. The overall effect with the surrounding environment should be appropriate and appropriate. For distribution centers such as garden entrances, squares, etc., the lighting intensity needs to be sufficient; while quiet sidewalks only need general lighting. Due to the quietness and serenity of the garden environment itself, the lighting should be soft and relaxed. To ensure the consistency of the style and layout of the landscape lighting fixtures in the entire garden, there can be appropriate ups and downs, but the lighting layout should be uniform.

3. The height setting of lamps and lanterns should be appropriate. Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures of different heights are also set according to their functions and uses. The height of ordinary landscape lighting fixtures is about 3m, and the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures with larger space are generally 4 to 6m in height to meet the needs of lighting.

Ⅱ. Selection of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures in different places

Lawn and plant lighting Lawn and plants are the most widely distributed and most numerous elements in the landscape, and the quality of their lighting design plays a key role in the entire project. The most commonly used outdoor landscape lighting fixtures for decorating lawns are lawn lamps. In order to avoid glare, try to choose milky white or frosted glass cover lamps. For tall trees and squares, the most commonly used method is up-lighting, that is, the lamps are installed on the ground or buried under the ground, and the beams illuminate the densest part of the canopy vertically upward to express the three-dimensional effect of the trees. There are also cases where the lamps are installed on tree trunks due to conditions. At this time, for the beauty of the day, the hidden beautification work of the lead wire should be done.

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