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Details That Need to Be Paid Attention to During the Installation of Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Details That Need to Be Paid Attention to During the Installation of Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Ⅰ. Understand the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures

With the maturity of lighting technology, the lighting of outdoor landscape lighting should choose a suitable light source according to the color of the outer surface material of the building to enhance the lighting effect and create a unique mood. It is also possible to cast different lights on different parts of a building to emphasize the hierarchy of the building. When designing outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, color light should be used with caution, and the colors should be simple, bright and elegant. Because colored light generally has a strong emotional character, it can greatly intensify a certain emotion. The use of colored light should not only consider the features of the building's architectural function, use requirements and surface materials, but also consider the style of the building, historical background and outdoor landscape lighting and other factors.

In general, for monumental buildings, representative buildings and large buildings with obvious style characteristics, outdoor landscape lighting fixtures should use colored light with caution in night lighting, mainly white light, and a small amount of colored light can be used locally if necessary. Highlight the overall image of the building; for commercial buildings and entertainment facilities, the proportion of colored light can be increased.

Ⅱ. The details that need to be paid attention to in the installation process of outdoor landscape lighting

1. It is usually necessary to know how many consecutive rainy days there are in the rainy season. Every day when electric energy is stored in the solar battery, part of the energy will be used to supply energy for night lighting. Therefore, we must first explain that the lights are in 3 or the lighting effect caused by less sunshine in 4 cloudy and rainy days.

2. We design and operate the solar outdoor landscape lighting lighting system. In a series of cloudy and rainy days, let the solar battery supply the light source for lighting, and let the solar panel continue to charge the solar battery. Every night, the solar battery will have a lot of energy for the light source. For lighting, let the solar panels continue to charge the batteries, so you can keep the lights on even on cloudy days.

3. Because the width of the road affects the width between the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures and the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, the outdoor landscape lighting fixture manufacturers must fully illuminate, so there are certain requirements for the height of the lamp pole and the brightness of the light source of the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. And it is necessary to regularly maintain the required solar lighting system to keep the solar panels clean, especially in dusty climates, which is beneficial to improve the life of solar outdoor landscape lighting fixtures.

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