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Does Landscape Lighting Increase the Value of Your Home?

Does Landscape Lighting Increase the Value of Your Home?

One question that many realtors get asked time and time again is whether landscape lighting adds value to a seller's home. In a word: yes! Exterior lighting that is part of your home's landscaping can increase your property's value by as much as 20% if it is well thought out, designed and installed. The National Association of Home Builders actually reports that more than 40 percent of the homebuyers they survey list this feature as "essential." Why value-added income?

1. The aesthetics and safety of landscape lighting

In short, showing the exterior features of your home and property only adds to the aesthetics of the potential buyer's experience. Walkways, fences, landscaping, trees, fountains, and other properties can be subtly enhanced with the proper installation of landscape lighting fixtures. Enhancing light, often referred to as "curb appeal," makes the entire home appear larger, well-maintained, and inviting, even on those dark evenings.

Lighted walkways and steps (as well as surrounding house lights) are an effective deterrent to potential intruders. At first glance with your landscape lighting, potential homebuyers will feel safer and more secure inside the home than in a poorly lit property. Inner peace is precious to all of us, and people pay more to ensure they have it, especially at home.

2. Ambience and cost-effectiveness of LED landscape lighting

The soft landscape lighting light landscape creates an enchanting nighttime ambience and atmosphere for a more homely feel. Landscape lighting is cost effective and another benefit of landscape lighting when it comes to adding value to your home is the use of LEDs. If the socket inside the light fixture stays dry, we can convert the current light fixture to an LED bulb.

This is an important consideration when it comes to attaching LEDs. Many times we come across previous installations where contractors cut corners, installed lower wattage bulbs, then used smaller sized wires and smaller transformers in order to cut costs. So, if a contractor installs a 20-watt bulb when there is a need for a 50-watt incandescent, then the landscape lighting will look dim or unattractive. When you convert to LED, we can take a 7 watt LED light, which is equivalent to a 50 watt incandescent, really bright, and at the same time, saves homeowners money on their electricity bills because of the low wattage LED bulbs. The cost of taking advantage of all these benefits may be much lower than you think. A few simple lighting changes can make a huge difference to your property and profits, so don't pass up this cost-effective approach.

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