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Hardscape Step Lights Can Improve Safety

Hardscape Step Lights Can Improve Safety

Indoors or outdoors, illuminating staircases increases safety and adds a captivating glow to your space. Faux Landscape Step Lights can be used to enhance your landscape, amplify your deck lighting when entertaining, for commercial exterior lighting, or just to make your stairs bright and feel safer. There are two basic installation types for stair lighting: recessed, where the combination box is hidden and the panels are flush with the stairs, or surface mounted, where the light fixture is on top of the surface.

1. Hardscape step lights improve safety

Often, step lighting is referred to as a true form of security lighting. This is because the main function of stair lighting is to guide people safely down the steps while highlighting the safe path. If you can't see where you are walking at night, especially on uneven or dangerous ground, this can lead to a serious fall and possibly serious injury. This is especially true for older adults, who often find it difficult to see in the dark. Still, it's important to everyone. Hardscape step lights illuminate the area in front of the steps, warning walkers about debris and landscape features, and reminding companies to watch their footsteps as they climb your porch steps.

2. Hardscape step lights are environmentally friendly and cost-effective

The options available to you are varied, as advancements in lighting technology and styling provide a variety of stair lighting options for the interior and exterior of your home. Not only can you light up patios and pool steps, but you can also create lighting paths in your front and backyard. Meanwhile, indoors, you can ensure that house members can safely get up and down the different floors of your home, while also adding a touch of style. Keep in mind that using LED-lit artificial landscaping stair lights on your steps offers more benefits, as these types of bulbs reduce power consumption, helping to save the environment and your electricity bills.

3. What is the appropriate height of the artificial landscape step light? How much do you need?

If you place the light on the riser of each step, using an engineered wall light, placed directly under the stair treads 6" to 7" high will do the trick. This will keep your light fixtures from being too low or too high, providing the optimum amount of light to keep you and your guests safe. So how many hardscape step lights are needed? How wide are your steps and how many do you have? The general 3 to 4 foot rule also comes into play here, but the location depends on how well the lights placed at these increments provide safety and aesthetics to your steps.

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