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How Much Do You Know About Outdoor Path Lights?

How Much Do You Know About Outdoor Path Lights?

Functions of outdoor led pathway lights

As an important part of the landscape, outdoor landscape lighting not only shows the means of the landscape concept, but also is the main part of the space structure of people's outdoor activities at night. Scientific, standardized, and humanized outdoor landscape lighting has very important practical significance for enhancing the taste and external image of the landscape, and improving the quality of life of the owners.

The scope of use of outdoor garden path lights

Tailor-made lighting for your own yard will make the outdoor space more attractive, and allow the courtyard space to be your own choice no matter what time period. For safety reasons at night, path lights and step lights of outdoor LED pathway lights are very necessary. Recessed deck lights are relatively easy to install, and will highlight the edge of the deck and changes in level, which is both romantic and safe.

Lawn lights of outdoor path lights:

Outdoor path lighting fixtures are used in landscape functional lighting such as trails, secondary garden roads, entrance roads, lawns, etc. The height of the luminaire is generally 0.4-1 meters, with the effective lighting radius 3-5 meters, and the arrangement spacing is controlled within 10 meters. The arrangement point should be in the bushes and installed in a concealed manner. When it is obviously arranged on the lawn, attention should be paid to the impact of its location on the landscape. Lawn lighting sources should generally choose energy-saving light sources. For the convenience of maintenance, you should choose integrated self-rectifying energy-saving lamps. It is not advisable to use short-life light sources such as incandescent lamps and lamp cups. And LED-type light sources should be used with caution.

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