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How to Choose Landscape Lighting Lamps and Lanterns?

How to Choose Landscape Lighting Lamps and Lanterns?

1. Understand outdoor hardscape lighting fixtures

With its beautiful and elegant shape design and unique light distribution design, landscape lighting fixtures play an irreplaceable role in the garden at night. Landscape lighting fixtures can create a soft and beautiful environment, so that people can calmly enjoy the surrounding environment and enjoy the courtyard atmosphere of the combination of nature and buildings. Choosing suitable landscape lighting fixtures can not only light up the garden, but also effectively ensure the safety of family activities at night. In the courtyard with lighting design, other design elements, sculpture, waterscape and plants can be expressed more incisively and vividly. Conventional lighting has a series of ground lawn lamps according to different zones; Wall lamp series; Chandelier series for corridor frame or outdoor eaves.

2. How to choose landscape lighting fixtures?

The types of landscape lighting fixtures generally include: ground lawn lamps are generally installed on both sides or at the turning point between important areas, which plays the role of walking lighting. Wall lamps are generally installed on the facade walls or corridor columns of the courtyard, playing the role of intermediate lighting. Chandeliers are generally installed at central point such as eaves or pavilions to play the role of top lighting. Stairs will use light belts, pavilions will use corridor lights, shadow wall lights and so on. And pools or water show attractions will use pool spotlights.

When selecting the light source of landscape lighting fixtures, warm light sources shall be used as far as possible. Too cold light sources, or bizarre color light sources, are generally not suitable for private courtyards. Too cold, too flirtatious, lack of softness and comfort. In the selection of landscape lighting fixtures, the brightness, protection grade, power, service life and other factors shall be considered, and the appropriate power parameters shall be selected according to different scenes.

Select the appropriate height of outdoor hardscape lighting fixtures column to ensure uniform illumination. In addition to the uniform position and reasonable distance of lamps, the height of lamp column shall be appropriate. The setting height of the lamp is related to the purpose. Generally, the height of the lamp is about 3M; The height of the lights used for scenery matching shall be determined according to the situation. In addition, the ratio of the height of the lamp column of landscape lighting fixtures to the horizontal distance between the lamp columns should be appropriate in order to form uniform lighting. If you have interests in selecting LED landscape bulb, please email us for further information. 

Soft and relaxed landscape lighting will make the courtyard environment more quiet, comfortable, friendly and pleasant. The whole lighting should be uniformly arranged, with uniform illumination and ups and downs, with the artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, we should also prevent inappropriate dark corners. Choose us as your direct landscape lighting wholesale manufacturer! 

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