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How to Maintain Landscape Lighting Fixtures?

How to Maintain Landscape Lighting Fixtures?

With the development of the times, landscape lighting fixtures has gradually become a very important existence in our life. With landscape lighting fixtures, the city square at night becomes more dazzling, and the swimming pool at night can also see the swimming fish. We know that there are many kinds of landscape lighting fixtures, including strip lamps, projection lamps, floodlights, wall washing lamps, courtyard lamps and so on. But in fact, brass landscape lighting fixtures evolved from street lamps. With higher requirements of people for urban greening, urban lighting is the key object of urban greening. Therefore, street lamps have changed and become more decorative landscape lighting fixtures.

Ⅰ. How to maintain landscape lighting wholesale fixtures

1. Establish a patrol network to make the maintenance system timely. When the network detects that there is a problem with the landscape lighting fixtures in any place, it can send someone to deal with it in time to avoid the damage of the landscape lighting fixtures that are not dealt with for a long time.

2. Set the repair call. It can be found that sometimes passers-by accidentally find that there is a problem with landscape lighting fixtures, but they do not know who to tell to repair. Therefore, setting the repair call and arranging people to take turns on duty can avoid the serious damage of landscape lighting fixtures without repair for a long time.

3. The manufacturer of landscape lighting fixtures shall regularly inspect the box to ensure that the box is intact and there will be no water infiltration. Conduct regular and fixed-point inspection and make records. Do not damage other parts of the box during inspection.

4. Formulate maintenance plan and conduct regular and fixed-point maintenance. In many cases, although people want to maintain landscape lighting fixtures, they always forget, or when they remember, they go to repair and maintain them. In fact, landscape lighting fixtures need to be regularly maintained by brass landscape lighting manufacturer, and random maintenance cannot achieve good effects.

Ⅱ. Precautions for installing landscape lighting fixtures

The installation of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures must be well designed in advance. Carefully design, plan the line in advance, and purchase the products before installation. Without a more formal and reasonable design, the whole installation will encounter various difficulties. Our MR11 led landscape bulbs and MR16 landscape bulb, Other par 36 led landscape light bulbs help a lot.

Safety is also very important for us. We must ensure the safety of the line during installation, and do some work to avoid various potential safety hazards caused by environmental problems in the process of use, which is very unfavorable to long-term use. We must use the correct method to install outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, make relevant designs in advance so as to ensure specific safety. These have an important role for all of us.

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