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Lighting Selection

Lighting Selection

In its most basic form, the lighting design process identifies a task and then provides a light source that provides the appropriate quantity and quality for that task. The luminaire protects the light source, connects it to a power source, and distributes its light.

Image processing is the process of detecting changes in pixel density data through computation. Therefore, stable inspection requires the projection of a clear image. Illumination selection plays an important role in determining the performance of the image-based inspection. This section describes the basics needed to select the correct illumination.

Incandescent, fluorescent, integrated LED lighting, metal vapor, and xenon lamps are mainly used. They all have their own characteristics that make them more or less suitable for their purpose. When you have a outdoor lighting selection, you should consider more factors.

Halogen, LED, and fluorescent lamps are used in particular. While halogen spotlights and fluorescent lamps are particularly suitable for illuminating large objects, such as car bodies, in recent years LED products have become more suitable for illuminating smaller objects. But especially the latter, the intensity of light has increased greatly in recent years, so LEDs are more often used to illuminate larger objects.Eagle-Spot-Light