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Main Characteristics of LED Flood Light Fixtures

Main Characteristics of LED Flood Light Fixtures

Ⅰ. About outdoor ground flood lights

Floodlights are not spotlights, projection lights, or spotlights. Floodlights produce highly diffuse, non-directional light instead of clear beams, resulting in soft and transparent shadows. When floodlights are used to illuminate objects, the speed of illumination attenuation is much slower than when using spotlights. Even some floodlights with very slow illumination attenuation look like a light source that does not produce shadows. Floodlights with a luminous angle greater than 40 degrees are called floodlights. The illumination range of floodlights can be adjusted arbitrarily. Floodlights are the most widely used lamps in landscape lighting. As a replacement product for electric light sources, LED floodlights have been recognized by more and more markets, and LED floodlights have also been used in many fields.

Ⅱ. The main features of LED flood light fixtures

1. The housing and modules of the LED flood light fixtures are made of die-cast aluminum (ADC12) to ensure the safety of the LED floodlight (anti-typhoon level 12), and the anti-collision level of the LED floodlight reaches IK10.

2. The color of the lamp body of the LED flood light can be selected: black, white, and brass.

3. LED floodlight module design: LED floodlight radiator adopts aviation aluminum material, which provides sufficient heat dissipation area for LED floodlight, so that the temperature rise of LED floodlight does not exceed 30℃.

4. The silicone sealing ring of LED flood light is die-casted with high-quality raw materials, which makes the perfect combination between the radiator and lens of the LED flood light module, and the waterproof level of the LED flood light can reach IP67.

5. LED floodlight optical lens: LED floodlight has high optical precision design requirements. LED floodlight uses PC raw materials (anti-ultraviolet), which will not change color after 10 years of use. LED floodlights have 7 lighting angles to choose from. LED floodlights can meet professional light distribution and adapt to different occasions. Especially for festive furnishing, decorative outdoor flood lights are used widely.

6. LED flood light uses LED light source. The luminous efficiency of LED floodlights>130LM/W. LED flood light has good color saturation, color rendering index Ra≥80, and service life greater than 60,000 hours.

7. The installation method of LED flood light: LED flood light can be hoisted, wall mounted, or ground up. The LED floodlights are equipped with automatic lamp angle adjustment devices on both sides of the lamp holder. No tools are required to adjust the angle. Each section of the LED floodlight is adjusted to 15 degrees, and the maximum can be adjusted to 180 degrees.

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