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Market Development Trends for Future Landscape Lighting

Market Development Trends for Future Landscape Lighting

Understand landscape lighting

The requirements of landscape lighting mainly include the illuminance, brightness, color rendering and visual effects of the illuminated surface, as well as the lighting environment. With the continuous change of people's ideas, lifestyles and the improvement of technological level, lamps, light sources, materials, styles and design methods have undergone significant changes.

Understand the future market development trends of landscape lighting

Driven by the multiple favorable policies of urban night tourism, characteristic towns, and PPP (Point to Point Protocol), local governments are accelerating the construction of urban landscape lighting. The development trend of landscape lighting has shifted from "scattered lights" to "full bloom". In this survey, the proportion of cultural tourism in the concentrated areas of the landscape lighting market in the next three years is as high as 71.33%, followed by characteristic towns at 63.33%, light shows at 49%, municipal projects at 46%, and commercial real estate at 27.33%. The data shows that cultural tourism lighting has great potential, and in addition, there is huge development space for characteristic towns and municipal projects in the future.

From the perspective of the industry, the requirements for specialization are increasing. The construction of urban lighting based on smart cities will enable more cross-industry and cross-disciplinary cooperation. Lighting will no longer be a single advancement, the boundaries of the industry will fade, and more cross-industry integration will be achieved. The development of the lighting industry will experience a dual leap in quantity and quality.

In terms of investment scale, the size of a single urban landscape lighting project ranges from hundreds of millions to tens of billions. There are many cities investing tens of billions in landscape lighting. Industry insiders predict that the next 3 to 5 years will be a peak period for landscape lighting development, and the trend of billion-level investment will continue.

From the perspective of lighting forms, landscape lighting has changed from "turning on" to "moving". Landscape lighting has developed to a large extent using expressions such as media walls and dynamic lighting, and even cultural tourism lighting has emerged rapidly, showing an unstoppable trend.

In terms of construction models, the work of construction companies has changed from simple installation of lamps to lighting integration, and the requirements for the professionalism of construction companies in lighting projects are increasing. In other words, it is not enough for construction companies to install lamps, they must also have design capabilities, extending upward to design and extending horizontally to integration and control.

From the perspective of landscape lighting fixtures, almost all lighting fixtures have transitioned from metal halide lamps to LED lamps, but there are still few products with good optical performance.

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