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Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

Types Of Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

The hardscape light can be used as a flood light. Put the lead wire through the fixture and then insert the light body into the eagle flood light fixture without using any screws. The fixture adopts with 2 stainless steel pin. easy to replace by pulling out the light.The entire body full glue inject to ensure waterproof and dust proof, protect insects get inside.

Features of Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

1. Solid cast brass construction

2. Natural antique bronze finish that becomes more beautiful as it ages.

3. Protective brass tube to protect the lead wire from crushing when installing on stone, concrete, or masonry walls

4. Pre-greased Beryllium copper sockets for additional protection from moisture

5. Frosted lens for uniform light distribution

What is the special of eagle hardscape flood light fixture?

Our eagle hardscape lights and LED outdoor spot lights are all patented products, designed by our R & D department, which are beautiful, practical and meets the product development trends.

Videos Of Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

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