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Eagle Flood Light

The Eagle smart indoor flood light bulbs and smart outdoor flood light fixtures luminaire is an energy saving and long-life solution for replacing metal halide or HPS floodlights. Color temperature from 2700K to 60000K. Color rendering index more than 85CRI. 

You can see our quality outdoor lighting fixtures by calling us. Our design is of high quality, reasonable price and distinctive. Here you can always find the path lights your customers like.

Configuration Information of Eagle Flood Light

Configuration Information

How many lumens do i need for smart outdoor flood light?

Outdoor smart floodlight require 700 to 1300 lumens. These smart flood light bulbs outdoor have ranges, so brightness may vary. Our smart flood lights outdoor have the characteristics of exquisite craftsmanship, safety and energy saving, easy installation, long-lasting use and beautiful appearance, and our smart outdoor flood light fixtures are widely used in various key projects of urban construction, and we satisfy our customers with perfect and timely pre-sale, sale and after-sale services.

Which led floodlights are best?

We can manufacturer smart indoor flood light bulbs and smart flood lights outdoor at competitive prices. Different types of smart eagle flood lights can meer various projects demands. Our best smart outdoor flood lights are in the face of the current fierce competitive environment of the lighting market, we always insist on the innovation of smart indoor flood lights and smart outdoor led flood lights science and technology first, and constantly improve the technological content of our eagle smart flood lights fixtures.

Eagle Flood Light

Package Information of Eagle Flood Light

Package Information
inner packagingCarton packaging
Within size:23X18.3X7.5CM
Carton size:48X38X32CM

Eagle Flood Light

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Eagle Flood Light

Eagle Flood Light by Outdoorlightspro, a reputable outdoor lighting company, is a kind of long-life and energy saving floodlight. The cost for this outdoor lighting fixture is quite affordable. We have various kinds of Eagle Flood Light in store, all with high quality.        

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