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Eagle Garden Floor Spotlights

  1. As one of garden floor spotlights, AE01 eagle smart garden spot lights can be used as lighting up and down.

  2. Dimming of garden smart outdoor spotlights is available between 3W and 12W.

  3. The Angle of the smart eagle led smart spotlights is a kind of decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures and the outdoor garden lighting fixtures can be changed by changing the lens.

  4. The source and power supply module of the eagle smart led spotlight can be replaced, especially its green garden spotlights.

  5. The eagle smart spot lights have a wide range of applications, such as house spotlights outdoor, outdoor ground spotlights, brass spot light fixture and green outdoor spotlights.

  6. There are many types of eagle smart outdoor spotlights for you to choose from, including LED spot floodlights, 12 volt LED spot and flood lights, directional spot light fixture and modular spotlights.

Eagle Outdoor Floor Spotlights Specifications

Fixture: Spot Light

Mode: AE01

Beam Spread: 15˚ 25˚ 40˚ 60˚  

Color Temp.: 2700K/3000K

Type: Low voltage LED

Bulb: smart GU10 spotlight

Operating Voltage: 9V - 16V AC/DC

Wire Lead: 10’ 18AWG

Weight: 5.5LBS

Wattage: 3W(min)  - 12W(max)

Lumen Output: 240LM - 900LM

Eagle Spot Light

Eagle Smart Garden Spot Lights Structure

  1. The raw copper is used for production.

  2. The eagle smart outdoor spotlights have four layers of sealing, dustproof and waterproof, which can prevent insects from entering. It can be used for both up and downlighting.

  3. Eagle smart spotlights outdoor use high transparency high borosilicate glass.

  4. All electronic drivers comply with US and Canadian electrical codes.

Eagle Spot Light

Eagle Outdoor Spotlights For Home Safety Instructions

1. Turn the power OFF or unplug the fixture and allow it to cool before replacing the lamp.

2. Lamp gets HOT quickly. Contact only switch/plug when turning on.

3. Do not touch hot lens, guard, or fixture housing until it has cooled.

4. Keep the lamp away from combustibles.

5. The inner module is very hot, do not touch it until it cools down.

6. Do not operate the fixture fitting with a missing or damaged shield.

7. For outdoor use only.

8. Make sure the power is turned OFF before installing or servicing this fixture.

Eagle LED Outdoor Spot Installation Instruction

  1. Disconnect the transformer from the main supply.

  2. Remove the shield from the retaining housing.

  3. Assemble the internal mold into the eagle smart spot lights and connect it with a connector (if required).

  4. Install the cover and rotate the cover on the housing to fix it on the fixture housing to make sure the leak hole is in the middle and down.

  5. Connect the cable to the main line through the ground plug.

Eagle Spot Light
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