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Decorative Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

Decorative Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

Smart Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

There are two types of floodlight: one is called HID, the abbreviation of High-Intensity Discharge lamp. It can also be called a heavy metal lamp or xenon lamp. HID xenon lamp has a large amount of light, with strong penetration, pure white light color, high brightness, and long life. The other one is high lumen or high powered LED floodlight, and LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting diode. Our powerful led light-emitting diode has little heat and less power consumption.  

  • Eagle Flood Light
    As a professional company, Outdoor Lights Pro provides high quality eagle flood light. This waterproof led outdoor floodlight is rather energy-saving with a relatively long lifespan. Its unique eagle design and attractive brass appearance make it popular among our customers.

Waterproof outdoor flood lights have become a common feature in homes and commercial spaces. This high-intensity, wide-beam, high quality outdoor led flood lights are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and offer a variety of benefits, especially outdoor pole mounted LED flood lights. They act as a security measure to ensure that the exterior of your home or business is well lit and does not leave a hidden black spot for intruders. China outdoor flood light suppliers provide enough decorative outdoor flood lights so you can safely use your grill and pool area when the sun goes down. They also offer simple functionality, providing you with enough light to find your keys and navigate to your front door without tripping in the dark. It has many types of applications, including outdoor ground floodlights, outdoor Christmas flood lights, industrial outdoor LED flood lights and decorative outdoor flood lights.

Because of the high working frequency of both external and exterior led floodlight, there is "no stroboscopic effect", causing no eye fatigue. And the color rendering index of backyard led flood lights is greater than 80, showing the natural color of the object. The color temperature of the home floodlight fitting can be selected according to customers' practical needs during many types of landscape lighting fixtures. Our high power outdoor housing-led floodlight can be started and re-started immediately, no need for preheating,  

Features Of High-Quality Outdoor Led Flood Lights

They have an impressive lifespan: Floodlights with suitable outdoor lighting cost last almost 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and are known for their longevity. They also warn you that they are reaching the end of their life by dwindling rather than dying suddenly. This will give you plenty of time to buy replacement bulbs if you don't have any on hand.


They are energy efficient: In the long run, bulbs will save you money because they consume very little power. Ultimately, this lowers your electric bill and helps reduce your carbon footprint. There are two kinds of volt types for you to choose: 120 volt led outdoor flood lights and 12 volt led flood lights outdoor.


They don't give off heat: Compared to standard bulbs, lights made by wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers don't waste heat, so they save a lot of power. This also means they don't cause temperatures to rise in the location where they are placed, making them ideal for refrigerated facilities. The lack of heat makes them a safe choice, as the risk of electrical fires is reduced.


They produce a light similar to daylight: Floodlights produce a bright white light similar to daylight, making them a must-have for stadium lighting. This type of lighting also makes it easier to view the elements of the garden and detect intruder activity.

LED luminaire wall-mounted floodlights are actually outdoor spotlight fixtures whose angles can be adjusted, making their use more flexible. LED outdoor lamps for houses with gardens are very small in size compared to other lighting fixtures, so garden floor spotlights can be adapted to a wider range of installation sites. With the function of concentrating light lighting, the lighting effect of led adjustable outside floodlight for a residential houses is very good. The color of the light is bright and bright, with high color purity and soft light rays. In addition, because of high light efficiency and low power consumption, our dimmable outdoor led flood light fixtures are very energy-efficient in use.  

Decorative Outdoor Flood Lights For Various Solutions

Backyard Flood Light

Garage Flood Light

Garden Flood Lights

Home Flood Lights

Led Wall Flood Light

Porch Flood Lights

Street Flood Light

Wall Mount Flood Light

Flood Light Fixtures FAQs

  • Why are Flood Lights Called Flood Lights

Floodlight fixtures are not spotlights or projection lamp.The waterproof outdoor flood lights made by the outdoor LED floodlight lamp are highly diffuse and with no direction, rather than a clear beam of light. The shadow created by LED floodlight for the outside is soft and transparent. In terms of object lighting, the weakening speed of floodlight is much slower than that of a spotlight. As outdoor security flood lights, some LED landscape garden floodlight with very slowly lighting weakening speed, seems it produces no shadows. A spotlight, on the other hand, casts a directed, well-defined beam that illuminates a specific area. LED outside wall floodlight is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions, and its irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily.   

  • How to choose China outdoor led floodlight manufacturer

As a reliable China outdoor led floodlight supplier, Outdoor Lights Pro has customized external led flood lights for sale. They are widely used in residential and industrial spaces, for practical and decorative purposes. The price of those high-intensity outdoor led floodlights are relatively competitive. Besides illuminating function, our security landscape flood lights act as a safeguard for intruders. Some videos for you to learn more about our products such as our powerful 10000 lumens, 3000k, 120volt, 100watt led floodlight. Buy outdoor lighting fixtures in bulk and get the most competitive price from outdoor led floodlight manufacturer.  

  • What wattage is best for outdoor flood light

LED floodlight working voltage than the traditional gas discharge lamp floodlight working voltage range is also wide conventional such as: 170V-265V, 100V-285V, etc., in addition, such as for outdoor more wet or underwater LED floodlight we usually use the safety voltage such as 12V led flood lights outdoor, 24Volt led flood lights outdoor and 120 volt led outdoor flood lights.

  • What is the brightest outdoor led flood light

Videos Of External Flood Light

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