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Outdoor Hardscape Lighting

Outdoor Hardscape Lighting

Types Of Outdoor Hardscape Lighting

The development of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures now embodies not only lighting, but also artistic decoration and beautification of the environment. According to the different places of use, outdoor retaining wall lights are divided into three categories: road hardscape lighting kit, garden square LED retaining wall lights, and architectural hardscape wall lighting. Check for more volt undercover hardscape light specifications through the below links.

  • Eagle Hardscape Light
    Our Eagle Hardscape Light is designed to meet personal and comfortable lighting needs for more convenient lighting control and management. To achieve the second energy energy-saving lighting and maintenance costs, it has some basic elements: soft start, precise dimming color, dynamic display, etc. Second, it has intelligent control functions: it has easy-to-operate, satisfying and comfortable lighting control.
  • Rail Stone Cap Light
    Our Rail Stone Cap Light uses the latest light-emitting diode technology to produce an amazing light output of 300 lumens. The long service life of 40,000 hours LED light source. In the design process, various natural factors have been fully considered, and these devices have a very strong ability to deal with these natural factors.

Outdoor Retaining Wall Lights Basics

The three basic components of outdoor hardscape lighting

1. Program

Stairway lighting emphasizes the aesthetics of this feature and provides a safe and visible route at night. You can install a simple LED light brick in the riser at each step, or you can insert an exterior light under the shade for each step.

2. Railings and sconces

Bridges can be illuminated with a variety of bridge post lights made of cast aluminum and cast brass (such as crescent lights). Another option is to use new garden light hidden under the edge of the railing to highlight the railing on the deck.

3. Sitting Walls

Hardscape paver lighting can be incorporated into brick and stone walls during construction.Many different types of outdoor lights are usually installed under the coping on a seating or retaining wall, usually before the coping is attached to the wall. You may need to have a Hardscape contractor create a channel for the equipment wiring.

4. Hardscape lighting retaining wall

5. Hardscape paver lighting

6. Hardscape step lights

LED Retaining Wall Lights Features And Benefits

1. Natural antique bronze finish that becomes more beautiful as it ages.

2. Protective brass tube to protect the lead wire from crushing when installing on stone, concrete, or masonry walls

3. This custom outdoor lighting fixtures have pre-greased Beryllium copper sockets for additional protection from moisture

4. Complies with IDA guidelines to conserve energy, our wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers prevent light pollution and minimize light trespass

5. Frosted lens for uniform light distribution

6. High efficiency wholesale outdoor lighting: The luminous efficiency of high-power hardscape step lights have exceeded 100 lm/W, and because the spectrum of LEDs is almost entirely concentrated in the visible light band, the light efficiency is far greater than that of incandescent lamps and is catching up with energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps. 

7. High light quality: Since there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum of volt hardscape lighting, there is no heat, no radiation, no burden on the human eyes, and no fading of many illuminated objects.

8. Good color rendering: Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED retaining wall lights have a higher color rendering index, usually around 80. The color of the illuminated object has a better presentation. 

9. Low maintenance cost: The LED outdoor landscape lighting fixtures have a long service life, and are generally used for more than 30 years. With strong shock and earthquake resistance, no tungsten wire, glass bulb, and other easily damaged parts, the possibility of abnormal "scrap" is very small. 

10. Small size: retaining wall lighting kits can make the lamp compact and exquisite, which is more suitable for different places of use, especially as architectural outdoor lighting fixtures. At the same time, different arms can be installed to make the lamp light change abundantly. 

Volt Undercover Hardscape Light FAQs

  • How is the waterproof performance of your hardscape light?

The hardscape step lighting is rated as IP65 and protected from contact with harmful dust and is suitable for wet areas. Our LED hardscape lighting is completely waterproof and fully sealed to make it moisture-proof and rust-proof. Part of hardscape lighting is powder coating that gives long-term corrosion protection. Vacuum technology is adopted, and the light source and electrical appliances are filled and waterproof, and the protection level reaches IP68.

  • Outdoor Retaining Wall Lights, Paver Wall Lights And Undercover Hardscape Light Differences

LED Undercover Hardscape Light use LEDs as light sources and bury the lamps underground. As an ornamental decorative lamp, it is widely used in large square landscape lighting, suitable for hotels, commercial streets, pedestrian streets, urban squares, garden landscapes, courtyard villas Wait. Because of its special installation position, it has become an irreplaceable outdoor lighting product.

Outdoor retaining wall lights overcome the shortcomings of traditional light technology, providing a long-life embedded super energy-saving long-life corridor recessed wall lamp with switch, which makes people use the light very convenient and saves money. The power consumption is fluorescent. There is no need to change the light for ten years. It can be described as a super energy-saving long-life lamp. 

This innovative design of Paver Wall Lights can place LED lights insides, making it look more beautiful, and at the same time making traffic roads safer. It can also be fully recycled at the end of its useful life.

Videos Of Outdoor Hardscape Lighting

LED outdoor hardscape lighting includes buried lights, wall lights, floodlights, solar lights, fiber optic lighting systems, recessed lights and so on. Landscape lighting pursues an artistic effect, emphasizing the combination of light, lamp body, environment, and culture. It is a symbol of the city. It uses light to set off the atmosphere of the scene, thereby highlighting the environment of the scene.

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