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China MR16 Led Bulbs for Landscape Lighting

T current LED technology provides a halogen lamp alternative that is compatible with MR16 LED bulbs for landscape lighting, highly reliable, and cost-effective. As a professional MR16 landscape bulb manufacturers,We have MR16 led for sale. Outdoor Lights Pro has MR16 representing the cup diameter of the lamp is 50mm, and the LED optoelectronic products at the current stage are relatively high-end MR16 outdoor led bulbs that are energy-saving and efficient. We are committed to providing the best-LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures. If you want to learn more about MR16 landscape fixture, please contact us! Wholesale price direct from factory.

Configuration of MR16 Landscape Bulb


Characterization of MR16


LED Landscape Bulbs MR16 Package Information

inner packagingCarton plus plastic packaging
Within size:5.5*5.5*6.7 CM
Carton size:30*30*15.5 CM
N.W.:3.5 KGS
G.W.:4.2 KGS

MR16 Led Bulb

MR16 Outdoor LED Bulbs

Model LabelCustomsizeCustom
Cap labelCustomsizeCustom

Benefits of using MR16 LED lamps

Traditional spotlights mostly use halogen lamps, luminous efficiency is low, relatively power-consuming, the temperature of the irradiated environment rises, the use of short life. LED light sources in the light-emitting principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are far better than traditional lighting fixtures. And the unidirectional nature of LED light-emitting forms perfect support for spotlight distribution.

What to Consider When Choose landscape bulbs, MR11 LED or MR16?

Two pin distance is different: MR11 smart bulb foot distance is generally 4mm, MR16 lamp foot hole distance is generally 5.3, some lamp holder jack is oval, the foot distance of 4, 5.3, 6.35 bulbs are applicable, some lamp holder jack is round, only applicable to a foot distance of the bulb.

Size is different: MR16 is a large spotlight, MR11 lamp is a small spotlight.

The effect is different: MR11 led lamp hit the direct effect is better, but not energy efficient. MR16 is more energy efficient.

Bulk Buy MR16 Landscape Bulb From Outdoorlightspro

Courtyard lights are mainly used in city roads, community roads, industrial parks, landscape lighting, tourist attractions, park courtyards, green belts, square lights and lighting decoration. Courtyard lights can significantly improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents. Daytime garden lights have embellished the city landscape; night garden lamps can provide the necessary lighting and to the convenience of life, increase the residents' sense of security, but also highlight the city highlights, interpretation of bright style.

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