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Outdoor Path Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor Path Lighting Fixtures

Types Of Path Light Fixture

Regarding the outdoor path lighting fixtures, we designed several sizes especially for the pole size 

and we designed several sizes of caps for different views, all of them will match G4 led bulb.

Inquiry for more outdoor brass light fixtures direct with wholesale outdoor lighting manufacturer.


Benefits Of Path Light Fixture

1. Solid cast brass construction for a lifetime of durability

2. Natural bronze finish that will continue to beautify as it ages

3. Wider flanges for less glare and better light output onto the ground

4. Frosted lens also reduces glare.

5. Placement of socket on stem top makes inserting or changing bulbs fast and easy

6. Silicone plug at lead wire exit prevents ground moisture and insects from entering through the stem

7. Beryllium copper socket for more corrosion resistance than regular coppe

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