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Wire Nut

Wire Nut

Types Of Wire Nut

  • Wire Nut
    Wire connection points are one of the most vulnerable parts of a landscape lighting system. we offers a wide selection of high quality connectors for the purpose. There are a number of wire nuts fille...

While installingWire-Nut the landscape light, customers need the wire nut to connect the wires, 

and our wire nut can be better waterproof.

Features of Wire Nut

· The outdoor lighting accessories allow you to connect and twist together 2 wires of various sizes for a safety wire end termination

· Fixed inner wire spring creates a secure thread that grips firmly onto the wires and prevents any disconnection

· Positive grip provides more leverage and allows easy installation with a tool, or by hand

· Available in 5 size-specific colors so you are able to easily identify which wire-nut is needed for your application

How to use your wire nut?

No pre-twisting required, push stripped conductors into connector and screw on. Perfect for use in two-wire decoder systems and direct bury applications.

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