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Safe and Beautiful Landscape Lighting

Safe and Beautiful Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Professionally installed outdoor lighting gives your home the impression of "care" and makes the exterior of your home feel warm and inviting.

1. Landscape lighting fixtures create a beautiful roadside charm

When you're ready to move on, professional outdoor lighting can add value to your home and create a warm, inviting environment that makes it even more attractive to buyers. Outdoor functional lighting such as outdoor kitchens, lighting steps, garden lighting, swimming pool lighting, etc.

Pathway Lighting: Lighting your landscaped walkways, walkways, and entryways not only adds beautiful drama at night, but keeps your guests safer, especially if your walkway has steps and uneven areas. If you want more light, we recommend using taller lights. Lower light fixtures are generally designed to blend into your landscape and provide less light, but add a lovely effect.

Up Lighting or Down Lighting: Popular for illuminating your house, trees and other shrubs. Don't forget to add accent lighting to water features like ponds and bubbling fountains. We'll make sure you get the correct beam angle for your sculpture or other feature.

2. Landscape lighting increases safety

Security is an important issue in the home, and outdoor lighting for security is becoming more and more popular to add an extra sense of peace of mind. And not just to deter trespassers and theft. Illuminating sidewalks and entryways can ensure safe passage for you and your guests, preventing trip and fall injuries, and the more lights you have, the safer you are!

When we talk about security, we are also talking about the installation of lighting. Depending on your home, wiring and installation can be very complicated. When you let the professionals install your outdoor lighting fixtures, you don't have to fuss over dangerous electricity—we want you to stay safe, so let us take care of the electrical details. We've also installed lighting timers that you can program.

Another factor to consider when considering safety is the reliability of outdoor lighting fixtures. We use a very efficient low voltage system with low power consumption but still bright lights. In our experience, solar lights are usually not bright enough to illuminate what you need them to, and they don't last very long. Our wired systems use long-lasting LED bulbs to light up wherever you need it.

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