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Safety Factor of Landscape Lighting on Main Road of Urban Road Traffic

Safety Factor of Landscape Lighting on Main Road of Urban Road Traffic

Landscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting projects that have both lighting functions and artistic decoration and landscaping functions. Landscape lighting can be divided into road landscape lighting, garden square landscape lighting, and architectural landscape lighting. According to the different road conditions, with the urban ecological environment and living comfort as the guiding principles, formulate a reasonable urban road garden landscape lighting design to provide a broad space for the urban night scene.

1. Design principles of urban road landscape lighting

Urban road garden landscape lighting design should first consider safety factors, followed by its overall effect. Generally, garden lamps and lawn lamps with distinctive shapes and good lighting effects are selected to form a smooth melody curve along the road. Conventional lighting methods should not be used, but decorative lamps with beautiful appearance, an upward luminous flux ratio of not more than 25%, and reasonable light distribution on both vertical and horizontal planes should be used to meet the needs of highlighting the theme of the landscape along the line. For example, walking paths require the use of small-scale lamps with lower heights to provide lower illuminance levels. At this time, an average illuminance distribution is not necessary.

As the road level increases, higher illuminance levels and more uniform light distribution are required, and the scale of landscape lighting fixtures gradually increases, and landscape lighting fixtures themselves tend to be more decorative. However, if the light and dark composition is improper, it will confuse the visitors, and the hidden obstacles will cause the visitors to concentrate on walking instead of enjoying the scenery. For the sake of overall consideration, the road surface is generally not at the highest brightness level, and other elements such as sculptures and plants are usually at the highest brightness level. A comfortable brightness contrast can be roughly controlled between 1:3 and 1:5.

2. The uniform distribution of landscape lighting light and shadow

The even distribution of light and shadow increases comfort and draws less attention. Often paths are not the most noticeable element of landscape lighting. Landscape lighting fixtures for all pedestrian paths are required to provide good visual visibility in the pavement area without distracting people from admiring the landscape elements. At the same time, the high contrast between the two should be softened as much as possible in the focus area, and the average light distribution on the road surface should be ensured as much as possible, so that even if you are traveling along a small road with low brightness, as long as you are surrounded by high-brightness landscapes, or move towards a high-brightness landscape on the move, visitors will also feel comfortable.

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