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Street Lamps and Landscape Lighting Fixtures Are Different

Street Lamps and Landscape Lighting Fixtures Are Different

In cities, we can easily see street lamps and landscape lighting fixtures. Although both have lighting functions, there are many differences between the two. What is the difference between them?

Ⅰ. The difference between street lamps and brass landscape lighting fixtures

1. Different heights. The conventional height of street lights is 6 to 12 meters, and some street lights have a conventional height of 6 to 20 meters. However, the general height of landscape lighting fixtures is 3 to 6 meters. This is because landscape lighting fixtures mainly provide viewing functions and do not need to be too high. The higher the material requirements, the more expensive the cost. Inquiry direct wholesale price direct from China brass landscape lighting manufacturer.

2. Different lighting power. The lighting power of street lamps is generally relatively large. In the range of 250-400W, the installation of street lamps should consider the width of the road, the surrounding trees, whether it affects the lives of surrounding residents, and other factors. The lighting power of landscape lighting fixtures is relatively small, generally in the range of 1-12W, and it may be smaller. This is because the landscape lighting lamp has a primary lighting function, and it is more ornamental, and it can reflect the overall shape of the lamp, and it does not need to be too bright. We have different power landscape light bulb types for sale, such as landscape MR11 led lights, par 36 led landscape light bulbs and landscape MR16 outdoor light fixtures.

3. Different application places. Street lamps are generally used in urban or rural main roads, secondary roads, urban squares, residential areas, and other sites where the lighting needs are relatively large. Landscape lighting fixtures are generally installed in independent regions, such as parks, gardens, high-end communities, commercial pedestrian streets, and leisure squares. Landscape lighting fixtures will also appear in many tourist attractions.

4. Different functions. The main function of road lights is lighting, which can provide pedestrians and vehicles with better lighting brightness. But the most important thing about landscape lighting is ornamental. It is used to decorate the surrounding environment and create an atmosphere, and only basic lighting is needed. The shapes of street lamps are not so diverse, generally just a few. However, there are many landscape lighting lamps, free and unconstrained, and can be customized according to the surrounding environment and special needs.

Ⅱ. The glare problem of landscape lighting wholesale

The glare phenomenon is not unfamiliar to everyone. Many articles have mentioned this problem, and it has attracted most people's attention in the industry. But the problem of glare still occurs from time to time. Therefore, in the stage of lighting landscape planning, attention should be paid to the minimum installation height of various lamps and lanterns set in the project. The installation position and angle of landscape lighting lamps should be adjusted, or shielding measures should be taken to avoid glare.

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