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The Benefits and Types of Landscape Lighting

The Benefits and Types of Landscape Lighting

1. The benefits of the landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can enhance the attractiveness of the roadside and maintain the scenery at night. Even if the sun goes down, you can still see the scenery. The scenery may not be as attractive as it is during the day if there are no landscape lighting fixtures. What is worse, injury or crime might happen in dark corners.

(1) It can eliminate risks. Landscape lighting is an important tool to reduce risks after dark. Landscape LED bulb lights outdoor can protect safety and security by maintaining visibility and eliminating dark areas where malicious people may hide. You can also use landscape lighting fixtures to illuminate hazards that are invisible at night, such as trip hazards at curbs, stairs, slopes, pools and water features.

(2) It can highlight the beauty of the landscape. The landscape lighting can also let your best features visible at night, thereby maintaining the attractiveness of your property. The landscape lighting can be used to add drama or highlight signs, architectural features, trees or impressive plants.

2. Types of brass landscape lighting fixtures

There are landscape lighting wholesale solutions that can meet various needs. Therefore, what are the specific equipment for landscape lighting, such as par 36 led landscape light bulbs, MR11 led landscape bulbs and landscape MR16 outdoor light fixture.

(1) Solar lights: The solar lamp collects and stores solar energy during the day for power supply at night. It is very useful for areas that cannot be routed.

(2) Wall lights: It is usually hard-wired, which is the most suitable for lighting the surrounding buildings of your property.

(3) Lamp posts and street lights: They can be used to light gardens and paths.

(4) Spotlights: They are landscape lighting fixtures that can create eye-catching lighting effects and arouse people's attention to the best features of the landscape. For example, outdoor floor spotlights can upward light up tree trunks, and down light through branches like the moonlight. Also, it can create a soft effect, which looks like shadows. The shapes of interesting features in the landscape can create beautiful patterns on flat surfaces.

(5) Floodlights: They can be installed in the area where you need to increase safety or light a wide range (such as the side of a building or terrace).

(6) Well lights: They should be embedded in the ground for a seamless appearance. They are used in areas where lawn mowers, vehicles or feet need to pass.

(7) Step lights: They are specially designed to light the stairs.

(8) Hardscape lights: Undercover hardscape lights are designed to be installed on surfaces made of stone, brick, concrete or ceramic tiles.  

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