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The Difference and Application of LED Floodlights and LED Spotlights

The Difference and Application of LED Floodlights and LED Spotlights

In urban outdoor lighting, we often encounter different names of different lamps and various lamps, such as LED projection lamps for building lighting, landscape lighting, advertising signs, square lighting and sports stadium lighting. However, this projection lamp has different names in different designs and the eyes of people. The overall names are LED projection lamps, LED flood light fixtures, LED spotlight and so on; Can projection lights, flood light fixtures and spot lights be called the same type of lamps? How to distinguish the differences and characteristics between LED flood light fixtures and LED spot lights?

1. The difference between LED flood light and outdoor garden spotlights

The introduction of LED flood light fixtures features: LED flood light fixtures and eagle type, outdoor ground flood lights have the characteristics of wide illumination range, uniform illumination and so on; High quality outdoor led flood lights are mainly suitable for installation in outdoor stadiums, squares, advertising signs, building lighting and other places such as close-up lighting. For example, in sports stadiums and building lighting, LED projection lamps are usually used as complementary lighting, which can achieve uniform illumination on the illuminated surface, that is, the range of LED flood light fixtures illuminating close distances, and LED projection lamps illuminating long distances to supplement light.

The introduction of LED spot light feature: We use LED house spotlights outdoor in certain places as the finishing touch to the entire lighting effect. Because of the small luminous angle of outdoor garden spotlights, the light can be concentrated into a small area. We mainly call lamps with angles below 30° as spot lights, the light it emits can be as small as only one line, which makes good use of the light emitted by the light source and does not affect the illumination of other objects, such as sculpture lighting, specific scene lighting, building column lighting and so on.

2. Application places of decorative outdoor flood lights

In outdoor engineering lighting applications, we often see various types of high-power LED flood light fixtures and LED projection lamps. In the process of lighting design and lighting fixture selection, LED flood light fixtures and LED projection lamps are distinguished as two kinds of lamps. LED flood light fixtures are mainly defined in lamps with a luminous angle of 120° and above. We call them high-power LED flood light fixtures. High-power LED flood light fixtures are usually rectangular lamps. The reflector is also a rectangular design; LED flood light fixtures are characterized by wide illumination range, large illumination area, uniform illumination, and large spot.

LED flood light fixtures are widely used in various large-area lighting places such as basketball court lighting, football field lighting, golf course, square high pole lighting, building lighting, advertising signs, landscape sculptures, industrial plants, parking lots and so on.

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