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What Are the Characteristics of LED Outdoor Spot Lights?

What Are the Characteristics of LED Outdoor Spot Lights?

Ⅰ. Know LED outdoor garden spotlights

LED outdoor spot lights are spotlights with light-emitting diode as light source. Halogen lamps are mostly used in traditional spotlights, which have low luminous efficiency, relatively power consumption, rising ambient temperature and short service life. Light emitting diode is superior to traditional lighting lamps in terms of luminous principle, energy saving and environmental protection. LED outdoor spot lights are mainly composed of shell, lamp beads, aluminum substrate and driver.

There are many kinds of LED outdoor spot light fixture, which are mostly used to make effects and decorate the atmosphere. The colors are pure white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; The shape is long and round, with different specifications and sizes. Because the shape of house spotlights outdoor is exquisite and small, it is very decorative. So generally speaking, it is placed in places with strong decoration in various combination forms to reflect the exquisite life of the master and unique interest from the details. When selecting, focus on the appearance grade and the light and shadow effect, because it is a typical decorative outdoor light fittings, and the brightness cannot be considered too much.

Ⅱ. Characteristics of LED outdoor garden spotlights

1. Energy conservation: the power consumption of LED lamps with the same power is only 10% of that of incandescent lamps, which is more energy-saving than fluorescent lamps.

2. Long life: LED beads can work 50000 hours, longer than fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps.

3. Dimmable: the previous light modulator has always been aimed at incandescent lamps. When incandescent lamps are dimmed, the light line turns red; It is difficult to see the fluorescent lamp dimmer, which is the main reason why the dimming technology has not developed for many years; LED can be dimmed again, and both bright and dark lights are the same color (the color temperature is basically the same), which is obviously better than the dimming of incandescent lamps.

4. Frequent switching: the service life of LED outdoor spot lights is calculated according to the lighting time. Even if it is switched on and off thousands of times per second, it will not affect the service life of LED. LED outdoor spot lights have absolute advantages in occasions requiring frequent lighting and off, such as decoration.

5. Abundant colors: there are positive white light, warm white light, red, green, blue and other colors. Whether it is the small color lights or neon lights used for decoration next to the headlights in the living room, they are very bright.

6. Low calorific value: many 220V spot lights break down in a few days because of heat. Although the heating capacity of 12V halogen spotlight is lower than that of 220V spotlight, its brightness cannot reach the nominal value due to insufficient power of the equipped transformer. LED outdoor spot lights can work for a long time without transformer.

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