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What Are the Differences Between Outdoor LED Bulb and Traditional Halogen Bulb?

What Are the Differences Between Outdoor LED Bulb and Traditional Halogen Bulb?

The bulb is an outstanding scientific invention, and the LED is the future. LED means "light emitting diode", and it is also called "luminous efficacy" in the market. It is a solid-state lighting device that can convert electricity into light more efficiently. Since LED is easy to use, it has been widely used in areas such as car headlights, tailgate light strips, advertisements, general lighting, traffic signals, camera flashes, luminous wallpapers, gardening plant growth lights and medical equipment. Besides, LED explosion-proof lights are used in chemical, petroleum, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other industries.

1. About the outdoor LED bulb

The outdoor LED bulb is widely used in flat low-voltage lamps, crystal lamps, wall lamps, spotlights and other lamps. Currently, the outdoor LED bulb with the largest market share is the one that can emit light through tungsten filaments. The outdoor LED bulb is a recent product, It has the advantages of energy-saving and long service life, and it is currently an ideal product to replace the old tungsten filament. The advantage of the outdoor LED bulb is that it is only 1 to 3w in power, and the service life is about 30,000 hours. Also, there are white light and warm white to choose from. It adopts LED patch as a whole with low heat of light source and good lighting performance, and it is packaged with high-grade silicone synthetic material. It has good light transmittance and heat dissipation, and it can reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

2. The differences between the outdoor LED bulb and the traditional halogen bulb

(1) High-efficiency and energy-saving: The LED bulb with the same wattage patch can save 90% of power than the traditional incandescent bulb and 60% of power than the traditional halogen bulb.

(2) Ultra-small size: The outdoor LED bulb has an ultra-small size so that you can install it without worry. It is covered by silica gel, which looks crystal clear. Besides, it is water-proof and dust-proof, and it has a delicate and compact appearance.

(3) Light angle: The outdoor LED bulb can 360-degree three-dimensional light, which is especially suitable for all types of crystal bulbs. And it can interact with the brilliant light of crystal.

(4) The surface temperature of the LED bulb patch is about 60 degrees. The traditional lamp has very high heat. Compared with the traditional halogen bulb, the LED bulb patch has better heat dissipation.

(5) Imported chips: The outdoor LED bulb adopts an ultra-bright 24 LED 3014 SMD chip, which is ultra-bright. Thus, it has a uniform light effect and low heat generation, which is more durable. It passed the CE ROHS and other related certifications, so it has reliable quality.

(6) Ultra-long service life: It has a service life of 30,000 hours, which is dozens of times longer than that of the normal bulb. The outdoor LED bulb can be used for more than 10 years if it lights 6 hours per day. An outdoor LED bulb can replace many traditional halogen bulbs so that there is no trouble changing the bulb frequently.

(7) Environmental protection and non-radiation: The outdoor LED bulb patch is environmentally friendly and has no flicker (It has a built-in drive to keep the brightness of the light always the same. There is no flicker, no ultraviolet rays and no electromagnetic waves). The room temperature will not rise when the light is turned on!

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