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What Are the Functions of Hardscape Step Lights?

What Are the Functions of Hardscape Step Lights?

Ⅰ. Understand the hardscape step lights

Hardscape refers to the landscape elements created by paving, construction, woodworking, electromechanical and other methods in the entire garden landscape unit, such as pavilions, platforms, corridors, pavilions, landscape walls, pools, fountains, rockeries, sculptures, etc. The landscape created by plants is called soft landscape. Hardscape stair lights and ramps are auxiliary accessories located at the entrance and exit of buildings, which are used to solve the problem of height difference between indoor and outdoor of buildings. Generally, buildings use steps. When there are vehicles passing through or the height difference between indoor and outdoor bottom surfaces is small, ramps can be used. These details in landscape design may seem insignificant, but they play a vital role.

Ⅱ. What are the functions of hardscape step lights?

1. Create a space. The space formed by the steps is characterized by obvious centripetal, the more the number of steps and the higher the height, the stronger the centripetal, and the stronger the sense of enclosure and space.

2. Become a transition from one space to another. In garden space, steps are the simplest and most common form of space transition. Hardscape step lights can give people hints and reminders psychologically, making people feel the arrival of changes.

3. Become a temporary place for people to rest. People choose to rest on the steps much more freely than the formal seats, and the distance from others can be freely controlled and adjusted by themselves, which is also more conducive to the use of small groups of more than three or four people, then the hard scene step lights, at this time can bring some safety to people.

4. As a viewing space. The show is a stage for presentation, and on the steps of LED hardscape lighting there are people who rest and watch.

5. Guide people's sight. In the open outdoor environment, the steps often become the focus of sight. It should be combined with other garden design elements to enrich the landscape of the steps and play a role in guiding the sight.

6. As an urban landscape. Hardscape stair lights have the characteristics of beauty in form, rhythm, and light and shadow, so they have a strong landscape effect. The beautiful steps can easily become the eye-catching factor in the space, meet people's psychological needs for beauty, and become a beautiful street in the city. landscape.

7. Divide the crowd. The steps are combined with stair greening, and the hard scene stair lights coordinate the soft and hard scenes, divert the crowd, and the landscape effect is good.

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