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What Are the Reasons for Installing Landscape Lighting?

What Are the Reasons for Installing Landscape Lighting?

If your home doesn't already have landscape lighting, you've probably considered installing it. If your home is beautiful during the day, it can be just as beautiful at night with the right lighting design. Installing landscape lighting has many benefits, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Landscape lighting can fit many different budgets, enhance your home's appearance, and make your home safer.

1. The benefits of installing landscape lighting

Landscape lighting provides plenty of light for safer outdoor areas: Most homeowners are attracted to landscape lighting because of its aesthetic appeal. However, illuminating the exterior of your home is a smart way to increase security and deter intruders. Security lighting doesn't need to be harsh or startling to be effective, and an landscape lighting designer can help you find fixtures that provide home security while looking good. In addition to deterring intruders, lighting your steps and walkways will make your home safer for you and your guests after dark.

Landscape lighting can accentuate architectural features: Current trends in landscape lighting are more about aesthetics. Homeowners want to highlight both the architectural features of their home and the landscaping features of the property. Use LED lights to accentuate outdoor focal points such as swimming pools, fish ponds, fire pits, fountains, and decks. Long-lasting and energy-efficient, LED lights are sure to catch the eye when entertaining after dark.

Landscape lighting enhances the curb appeal and enjoyment of outdoor living spaces: A landscape lighting designer can help you choose landscape lighting to enhance your home's curb appeal. If you've invested in outdoor living spaces, installing landscape lighting fixtures is crucial to ensuring you get the most out of those areas. Professionally installed systems can be set up for the specific needs of your property, which will allow your lighting designer to focus on areas that enhance curb appeal.

2. Where to install landscape lighting fixtures?

Knowing exactly where to place your landscape lighting is where an expert can really help you. Various techniques were used such as: highlighting, placing lights at the bottom of features. Silhouette, point the light behind the feature towards the wall. Shadow, at the bottom of the feature towards the wall. Wash, facing a wall at an indirect angle a few feet away. Uplighting, more direct angle than wash. Downlighting, place in eaves, trellis or hardscape and shine down. Path lighting, staggers and illuminates paths, especially around any steps or bends, near swimming pool steps. Security, curb appeal, and increased enjoyment of your property are all benefits of installing landscape lighting. Working with a landscaper who understands your property, needs, and budget can help improve your home.

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