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What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Outdoor Lighting Design and Indoor Lighting Design?

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Outdoor Lighting Design and Indoor Lighting Design?

The endless stream of lights exists around the city and buildings. The lighting design has an artistic appeal, which stimulates the lighting designer's impulse to the night scene lighting design. There will also be differences in the lighting schemes designed by different designers. Different buildings have different lighting modes, and different designers also have different design fields. In a building, there are both indoor lighting design and outdoor lighting design. There are similarities and differences.

1. The similarities and differences between outdoor lighting design and indoor lighting design

Outdoor lighting design is mainly in the fields of building exterior wall lighting design, urban comprehensive landscape lighting and urban lighting planning. The design concept is to use the best design method and the most economical design method to provide customers with the most suitable lighting methods and concepts, and to use the most economical mode to realize the real scene.

Moreover, the design of wholesale outdoor lighting is mainly to create a large lighting environment and landscape lighting. Different buildings and landscape points will have different design methods. Compared with indoor lighting, the outdoor lighting design method is a bit rough, and you don't need to care about every light. The angle of the point, but the amount of engineering is relatively large.

Indoor and outdoor designs are different. Indoor lighting design is mainly divided into architectural night scenes, indoor large spaces, luxury houses and other fields. The design concept is to create with a purpose, and the creative process of lighting design is the process in which the designer expresses and executes his views, knowledge and problem-solving methods. Therefore, having a strong point of view, a wealth of knowledge and a scientific method are the first conditions for a good lighting designer. Compared with outdoor lighting design, the indoor lighting design scheme is more delicate, and the treatment of lamps and lanterns is also required to reflect every luminous point and angle. The design methods are numerous and complex, and the number of lamps to be used is large, but the amount of engineering will not be too big.

2. The choice of outdoor lighting and indoor lighting

In a word, five-color lighting believes that although there are many differences between outdoor lighting design and indoor lighting design, they are an inseparable part of our modern life. Lighting has been integrated into our life, affecting our life and improving our quality of life. There are many different types of lighting in the market, which also makes many people want to figure out which one is suitable for them when choosing, so they will spend a lot of time to compare the relevant details before purchasing, and then they will be based on their own. Choose suitable outdoor lighting fixtures or indoor lighting fixtures according to actual needs.

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