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What is the Difference Between Outdoor Path Lights and Street Lamps?

What is the Difference Between Outdoor Path Lights and Street Lamps?

There are various lighting lamps in our urban lighting and garden construction, including large-area lighting, such as square high pole lamps. Small decorative lighting, such as buried lamps, lawn lamps and building lighting lamps with urban image lighting, as well as various road lighting lamps in our city, such as street lamps of urban primary and secondary trunk roads and outdoor path light of small footpaths. Street lights and path lights can illuminate the road, so what are the differences between them?

1. What is the difference between outdoor path light and street light?

First of all, we will install 3M to 5M high street lamps or outdoor path lights on both sides of our general small roads or garden footpaths, urban non-motorized lanes and pedestrian roads. However, due to the single style of street lamps, we mostly use outdoor path lights with decorative styles for the road lighting lamps installed on these roads. Therefore, the functional lighting with decorative style is called outdoor path light. The street lamps we mentioned generally refer to the main lighting lamps used in motor vehicle lanes, such as urban main and secondary trunk roads, main roads in the park, high-speed street lamps and so on. Generally, the installation height is between 6M and 15M. Single-end or double-end street lamp poles can be selected according to the installation lighting requirements, equipped with professional LED street lamps. Although today we use street lamps with integrated LED light source and more decorative street lamps with overall styles, such as Magnolia lamp, ZhongHua lamp or various types of street lamps with customized design, and become landscape street lamps.

2. What are the types of outdoor path lights?

In garden landscape lighting, outdoor path lights are essential decorative lamps. The main function of garden outdoor path lights is to be used for garden landscape and footpath lighting, which can not only integrate the characteristics of landscape lighting path lights, but also play the effect of functional lighting. Therefore, outdoor path lights are also landscape lighting and a kind of street lighting, so many places are also called landscape courtyard lamps or courtyard street lamps. What are the types of these outdoor path lights? Outdoor path lights have the characteristics of diversity, beauty and beautifying and decorating the environment, so it is also called landscape courtyard lamp. Outdoor path lights are mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, scenic spots, parks, squares and other public places. In garden outdoor path lights, we can generally divide them into Chinese, European, modern, new Chinese, antique and so on.

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