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What's Good About Outdoor Lights?

What's Good About Outdoor Lights?

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor lights

The main reason is that the installation position is different. For example, indoor lamps can be installed on the ceiling or wall, but outdoors, there is no ceiling or wall, and they may often be installed on the ground. Of course, some outdoor lights are also installed on the wall, but the biggest difference is that there is a roof indoors to keep out the wind and rain.

Protection level of wholesale outdoor lighting

Therefore, LED bulb lights outdoor must have strict requirements for dust and water resistance. According to the degree of dust and moisture resistance, the protection level of the enclosure is divided, usually using the protection level code IP.

The code indicating the degree of protection usually consists of the characteristic letter IP and two characteristic numbers. The first digit refers to dustproof level; the second digit refers to waterproof level.

Types of wholesale outdoor lighting

Generally speaking, outdoor lighting is divided into these categories: architectural lighting, landscape lighting, and functional lighting and outdoor hardscape lighting.

The principle of traditional outdoor lighting is to put the light source in a cavity to protect it, support it, and make it work normally.

Floodlights: Decorative outdoor flood lights will cast light in a large area, illuminating a large area of the exterior wall of the building.

Project lamp: narrow beam lighting. The role of project lamp and floodlight is the same, it also illuminates the building from a distance. But floodlights give out wide light, and project lamps give out narrow light, just like indoors. Downlights give out wide light, and spotlight LED outdoor give out narrow light.

Point light source: Surface installation, usually used in building night scene lighting, which can realize the lighting effects of various functions such as monochrome, color change, and video playback.

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