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When you want a spot light you may wonder

When you want a spot light you may wonder

Can I purchase just the stakes for the landscape lighting?

Yes, when you buy the decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures and don’t like the standard stake, you can also choose other shapes and materials of stakes, you can click to find more series of stakes for your landscape light, they have brass material if you like a strong stake, they have a plastic stake if you like a more cheap one, you can also choose the slotting stake if you want more convenience to put the wire inside. Hope this can help you in choosing the different stakes.

Landscape Lighting

Can I mount the spot light to a trunk of a tree?

You can stake it in the ground next to the tree (which is what I did) and point it up. You would need special hardware (you can click to find they have a hardware named triangle mount which can be mounted to the tree) to attach to the tree and any screws going into the tree would be harmful to the tree but Stainless Steel Screws would not be too bad. Otherwise, the spot light may fall down from the tree.


Is the spot light for a low voltage LED lighting system?

Yes, This spot light can be for a low voltage LED lighting system. And you can click to find the product you want, they also sell MR16 LED bulbs for landscape lighting. The bulb has 3W and 5W, the bulbs are in the ceramic base which is high quality and has good heat dispatching.

LED Lighting System

Does the light include a transformer?

No. The transformer is remotely located — e.g. garage, basement, elsewhere — and reduces your 110 v current to about 22-15 v to each of a bunch of such low-voltage lights in the yard.

But if you don’t have a transformer and you want one, you can also click to find one, they have several types of it in different capacities for different customers. Normally they have 75W, 150W, and 300W. If you want another wattage, you can contact them for more options.

Can you give me an example of what transformer I need to get for this light? Also, I would like to get a pair of them.

Any Outdoor low voltage transformer will work. These typically do not come with bulbs so depending on if you get LED or incandescent bulbs will determine the wattage needed. I recommend getting the LED version equivalent to 50W in the 2700k color range. Energy requirements for these bulbs is about 5 watts so if you only plan to run 2 lights all you need is the 20-watt transformer. If you want more advanced features like a built-in timer or a photo eye in the transformer would affect your decision as well. I run a 300-watt transformer but also have about 30 lights on it. Hope this can help you with the questions about the transformer. Below photo for your reference or contact for more assistance.


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